I would love to speak on your podcast, or at your next event. Please send me an email

Public Speaking & Sunrise Activations


I am available to speak on podcasts and at conference and events.

I can do a talk or interactive workshop on the following:

  • The Art of Bussines: Balancing your methods, motivation, mindset and magic. 

  • The Abundant Artist: It's time to release the starving artist narrative. 

  • Breaking the bonds that bind us: Learning how to release what no longer serves us, be it
    ituations, people, thoughts or beliefs.

  • Becoming your Empress Self: Your Empress self is living the life you dream of. We become her over time by adopting her habits, beliefs, energy, mindset and skills.

  • Soul Aligned Time Management: Balancing the masculine and feminine approaches to time management, taking consistent daily action towards your goals, but also working in flow and balance.  

Sunrise Activations

If you are looking for something ​unique and empowering at your next

conference or event, I run 30-minute sunrise activations. 

I have been doing these daily for over 18 months and it is a great

way to start the day with your guests tuning into the earth, themself

and their potential.

It is a gentle 15-minute movement meditation session (done barefoot

outside if the weather is suitable) followed by 15-minutes of guided journaling.

This is a great alternative to a morning yoga session (or can be run in conjunction). Although ideal to run at sunrise, it can be conducted at a more reasonable hour :)


I have undertaken public speaking extensively throughout my life,

including running numerous in-person workshops, events and courses
as well as dozens of live Facebook trainings

Here are some further examples:

  • Guest on numerous podcasts, as well as interviewing many
    creatives on my own podcast.

  • 2019: Thrive event in Wellington NZ, where I MC’d and
    interviewed internationally renowned author/teacher/Money guru
    Denise Duffield-Thomas.

  • 2018: The “More Than Rubies” conference in Wellington where the organiser stated at the closing of the conference that the one speaker she was determined not to miss on the day was my talk, and it did not disappoint. 

  • 2016 & 2017: MC for Kooky Ukes performances NZ, a 12 part Ukulele band. 

  • 2014 & 2015: Handmade Festival of Making at Te Papa Wellington, NZ.

Previous speaking experience