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Empress Evolution

3 hour workshop

Your Empress Self is the future you that is living the life you dream of. She is confident, self-assured and deeply loving of herself. We become her over time by taking on her habits, beliefs, self-love and self-care etc. During the 3-hour Masterclass, we will create the plan for who you want to be in 2021, then we will align our mindset, beliefs, habits, routines to this version of ourself.

We will also create the structures and systems that are perfectly aligned to you and your thriving! (there is no one size fits all) to ensure you keep becoming your Empress Self throughout 2021. 

WARNING: Side effects may include spontaneous bouts of joy, feeling comfortable in your own skin, deeply and completely loving your life!

Empress Mastermind

Empress 6 week Mastermind

Become the version of you that is thriving in business and life!

We will take what we learnt in Empress Evolution and show up every day for 6 weeks to implement the new habits, beliefs and mindset. Weekly zoom calls and mastermind chat for support and group coaching.

3 hour empire

3 Hour Empire (coming in 2021)

Find your balance, your flow, as well as consistent forward action.

No more fluffing, procrastinating, distracting or task avoiding! We are going ALL-IN for 3 hours per day for 30 days!
Take your business to the next level AND not only be way more productive and energised but have plenty of time left over in your day to play and self-care!

This is balance! 

This is living your best life.

This is how you curate your dream days and magical months.

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Abundant Artist Academy


One place to study all my creative business focused courses.
This is self-paced through hundreds of hours of teaching. Pick the trainings that resonate with you, and where you want to go!