About me!

I am an experienced entrepreneur with nearly 3 decades under my belt. I have had businesses in a variety of industries including events, retail, hospitality, manufacturing, teaching, art, to name a few. I have had spectacular successes and some monumental failures. Both I have equally learnt and grown from.

My most successful business was the Wellington Underground Market. A business I co-created and launched in 2009. It became an iconic destination for both locals and tourists alike in Wellington NZ. The market alongside my other venture, the Wellington Waterfront Pop-up Villages, together acted as business incubators for over a decade (now being run by my bussines partner) to not only help to launch hundreds of small creative businesses, but many went on to full-time retail, wholesaling and exporting. 

I am equally passionate about business and art. As a lifelong learner, this is quite evident, with certificates in Art and Creativity, Fashion Design, Event Management, Media production and communications and a Post Graduate Certificate in Applied Business.

As an artist, I mainly focus on intuitive painting with a love of colour and the way they interplay. I sell my acyclic abstract paintings to an international audience via my social media.

I am in the process of publishing my first book, The Abundant Artist Codes - the 12 steps for the recovering starving artist. Over the past ten years, I have researched why some business succeed and others don't, and it really has not much to do with the actual product they sold. I developed the 12 codes to help creatives and small business owners to see what areas of their business or life they might have been ignoring, and to understand it has a substantial impact on their business success or lack of it. 


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