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About Me

In my world, artists, designers, creatives and local micro-businesses are the change-makers. Their unique gift lies in their ability to inspire or disrupt the status quo, spark new perspectives and bring beauty and joy to the world. Their work shapes our culture, propelling us towards meaningful progress and a more inclusive, safer world.


Over the span of thirty years as a multi-disciplinary artist, event producer, small business educator and entrepreneur, I have woven a tapestry of experiences, each thread as unique as the venture it represents. I have founded and nurtured many small businesses and social enterprises spanning events, markets, fairs, conferences, manufacturing, videography, retail, fashion and product design.


One of the pinnacles of my journey has been the creation of the award-winning Wellington Underground Market. As co-founder and Director, I've had the privilege of witnessing this curated art and design market transform into a vibrant hub for over 100 creative micro-businesses every week for over a decade. The market was a top Wellington NZ tourist destination with one in four tourists coming to Wellington or staying longer due to the market. It was also a creative business incubator nurturing fledgling enterprises from their first flight to leaving the nest when they outgrew the market and needed their own retail shop or focus on full-time wholesaling or exporting.


Join me in this quest to shape a world that not only celebrates creativity and fosters human flourishing, but also leaves an indelible imprint of positive change for future generations.

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The Wellington Underground Market

A curated designer market with over 100 stalls each week.  It was a top tourist destination and retail incubator for creative entrepreneurs. We also offered have-a-go craft sessions that regularly sold out.

Wellington Pop-Up Artist Villages

Summer and Spring would see designer studios on the waterfront to activate the area and let emerging artists and designers experience full-time retail for several weeks. The villages were also used to activate an empty space when the council needed it, such as the Winter Artist Village which came complete with night markets and roasting marshmallows over a fire.  

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