©2018 by Wendy Jasper

You truly are
capable of thriving!

Dear Creative Genius

I know your potential.
I see what you are capable of in this life.

Let me help you to see that too!

Then we will remove all obstacles in the way of you achieving that, with ease and fun and laughter.

It's time to thrive in your life. 
It's time to thrive in your business.

It's time to thrive in your creative expression.

Let's play!

Empress Wendy xxx


Let's unleash your magic into the world

I will help you to audit your business, your life, your creative expression, your habits and beliefs to ensure your systems, strategies and structures are all set up for you to truly thrive.

I have over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in a variety of creative fields. I now share my knowledge through online courses, a membership group,  1:1 sessions as well as in-person VIP days and retreats. 

You will also find me speaking at conferences and events. My first book "Empress: the rise of the thriving creative" is on its way into the world!


Play with me online from anywhere in the world!


Soulpreneur School
7-week online course

Create a business and life plan to thrive!

Strategically structure your business and life to support you to truly thrive! 

Perfect if you are just starting out in business as well as those with some years under your belt that want to re-evaluate your buisness and life.

Thriving Creatives
Online membership group 

Come and join my circle of creative geniuses committed to truly thriving!

This group is created to keep you on track and accountable to taking the action needed to thrive in all areas of your life!

Let's attune you to the best version of you, including money mindset and habits.

Thriving Creative 1:1
60 minute session

Let's do an audit of your buisness, your life and/or your creative expression. We will create a roadmap to thriving that is perfect for your needs, wherever you may currently be on your journey. 

Also, great support if you are looking at a change in direction, and want to ensure everything is set right from the start!

Play with me in-person!


Conference and Events
Speaker and Facilitator 
Tailored to your needs

My talks and workshops focus on thriving in business, life and creativity.
I include actions and strategies your guests can immediately apply.

I also offer a 30 min "Sunrise Activation"

I help to attune your guest to their highest potential and joy for the day.
It incorporates gentle dance, journaling and guided meditation. Ideally takes place outdoors facing the sunrise. 

Upgrade your life with a week in paradise!

Take the time out to be pampered and relax in paradise, while also enjoying working on your creativity and/or business.

Your afternoons are free to relax by the pool. get massages, go shopping or continue working on your business or craft. 

Bali June 2020. 6 women only.

24 hours to upgrade your buisness and life!

Get the most out of a full day and night together to upgrade your business, life and creative expression to truly thriving.

Let's put everything in place to become the next level version of you!

Clarity, action and strategy.

Available in NZ, Australia and Bali. Contact me for available days. 

My mission is to help Creatives (artists, designers, writers, entrepreneurs etc) to truly thrive, 
and in doing so impact their families and the world.


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Artwork: Lotus Dreaming by Wendy Jasper.

Wendy Jasper's art