Empowering creative business women to thrive!

I help you remember your power and your knowing.

Together, we align your actions to impact the world.

Holistic Business Consultant 

Guiding you to clarity and confidence. 


Can you relate to any of these?

  • Something is not working in your business but you don’t know what?

  • You are not getting the result you see others get, in spite of doing so much?

  • You are the worlds best-kept secret in spite of trying so many things?

  • ​You have a fantastic product, but it's just not selling?

  • You want to grow to your next level, but you are not sure how?

If so, then I can help, this is my zone of genius! 

I have been an entrepreneur for nearly three decades and for over 12 years I worked with hundreds of small creative businesses through my business The Wellington Underground Market (a large scale art and design market cum business incubator for creatives) and the Waterfront Pop-up Village (design studios in shipping containers, giving creatives a taste of full time retail over summer).

I saw time and time again many businesses making the same easily avoidable mistakes that made the journey so much harder for them. I also observed the ones that succeeded (regardless of their product or service) understood the importance of mastering their own unique methods, mindset and motivation.

My work now focuses on helping creative entrepreneurs to unstick themselves, to figure out what are the hand brakes that are slowing them down and making it so much harder than it needs to be. 


Website or Social Media Makeover

I will review and audit your website or social media Only $111 Aud

Comming soon

Making it at Markets

I will review and audit your market stall

Only $111 Aud

Comming soon

Holistic Health Assessment on your Business

Discover the hand brakes that are holding you back in business 

Only $555

Comming soon

Creative Embodiment
VIP day

You! Your Art! Your Desires!

A full day together in person, plus follow up Voxer access. 

Comming soon