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Artist        Designer        Crafter        Writer
Creative Business Builder, Developer, Educator

Creative Business Development & Support

Over three decades as a multi-disciplinary artist and entrepreneur, my career has been a tapestry of creative leadership, strategic business building and development. As the co-founder of the social enterprise and award-winning Wellington Underground Market, I spearheaded a creative retail incubator that launched hundreds of creative micro-businesses and became a leading Wellington tourist destination.


I'm here to share my knowledge and insights with you as I leverage my wealth of experience to foster growth and sustainability for small-business owners, creative professionals, and freelancers who value creativity, diversity and social impact.

My approach to business education and strategy is a little bit different. Forget the standard, one-size-fits-all corporate-style business models. I'm here for those who also want to bring their values, impact and joy to their business journey. 

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I love the transformative power of artists, creatives, and small businesses 

they're the ones who'll create a vibrant, sustainable and inclusive future

Creative AF!

Creativity is my second language and colour is my favourite word. I work across various creative domains, from art to design and a host of imaginative projects. I'm all about crafting visual delights and creating immersive, inclusive, joy-filled experiences. 


Be it designing vibrant patterns for fabric and wallpaper, creating sustainable and imaginative solutions for public spaces, or bringing original art pieces to life, my goal is simple - make the world just a little bit more colourful and a whole lot more fun.

Wendy Jasper Public Art_edited_edited.jpg
Wendy Jasper Paintings in Progress.JPG
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