Wendy Jasper

The Art of Business
It's time for Creatives to thrive!

⭐️ Speaker ⭐️ Writer ⭐️ Teacher
⭐️ Podcaster ⭐️ Painter ⭐️ Mentor


I teach business and life skills to help creatives to thrive. My unique process is that I teach both the methods, mindset, motivation and magic so you can thrive in business and life. In fact, if you are not thriving in one area, it affects all areas.

I also focus on balancing both the masculine and feminine approaches to structures and systems (having burnt out previously from focusing mainly on a more traditional masculine approach to running my business's).  

I share a lot of my trainings for free on my social media and through my podcast The Abundant Artist Podcast. I also speak as a speaker at events and a guest on other peoples podcast. Coming soon I will also be selling planners, workbooks and business oracle cards.

I offer strategy and structure 90 minutes private session via Zoom (we get through a lot!) as well as a more in-depth method, mindset and magic days where we spend 6 hours together in person (Australia/NZ/Bali).

My first book, The Abundant Artist Codes: The 12 steps for the recovering starving artist, is in the process of being published.