©2018 by Wendy Jasper

You truly are
capable of thriving!

Dear Creative Genius

I know your potential.
I see what you are capable of in this life.

Let me help you to see that too!

Then we will remove all obstacles in the way of you achieving that, with ease and fun and laughter.

It's time to thrive in your life. 
It's time to thrive in your business.

It's time to thrive in your creative expression.

Let's play!

Empress Wendy xxx


Let's unleash your magic into the world

I will help you to audit your business, your life, your creative expression, your habits and beliefs to ensure your systems, strategies and structures are all set up for you to truly thrive.

I have over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur in a variety of creative fields. I am currently the co-Director of two successful businesses The Wellington Underground Market and the Wellington Pop-Up Artist Village. I have also been teaching and running in-person workshops under my own name for some years, and now I am taking that knowledge to the online space with online courses, memberships, 1:1 sessions as well as in-person VIP days and retreats. 

You will also find me speaking at conferences and events and my first book "Empress" is on its way into the world!


Online Courses and Membership Group


Soulpreneur School
7-week online course

Create a business and life plan to thrive!

Strategically structure your business and life to support you to truly thrive! 

Perfect if you are just starting out in business as well as those with some years under your belt that want to re-evaluate your buisness and life.

Abundant Artist Academy 
Monthly Membership 

Come and join my circle of creative geniuses committed to truly thriving!

This group is created to keep you aligned on track as well as holding you accountable to taking the action needed to thrive in all areas of your life!

Let's attune you to the best version of you, including money mindset and habits.

Abundant Artist
3-hour Workshop

In this self-paced workshop, I go over all aspects of your business and life, so you can attune them to thriving. We look where you are blocking abundance into your life.

We will also cover mindset, strategies, cash flow and budgeting made fun and easy.

High level support 


Empress Mastermind
or Empire Mentorship

Work with me 1:1 if you are serious about creating a life and business where you truly thrive. I am a hands-on coach/mentor with nearly 3 decades under my belt, so I can help you with strategy, systems and mindset. 

Choose between a Mastermind where you can connect with other motivated creatives to help you grow, or work 1:1 in a mentorship role with daily voxer access to me. Both options get access to the Abundant Artist Academy.

60 min skype or messenger call. 

Choose an aspect of your business or life to fully dive into over an hour. Let's see what's working and what's not. Then I will help you structure it so it works for you.

Great support if you are looking at a change in direction, and want to ensure everything is set right from the start!

In-person VIP day

Are you ready to dive deep into all aspects of your business and life? We are going to fully audit what is working, and what is not, then restructure if for your thriving.

We will also attune you to your abundance and implement an aligned action plan.

8 hours to upgrade your buisness and life, are you ready to play?

Available in Bali, NZ and Australia. 

Public Speaker - Keynote Adress - Workshop Facilitator

Wendy has spoken at a number of conference and events including keynoting alongside Denise Duffield-Thomas at the Thrive Event in Wellington NZ. Wendy has also run numerous workshops and in person courses so can tailor an interactive experience to your needs.

Entrepreneur focus 
Talks or workshops

Tools to Thrive, in business and life

Habits and routines so you can throw out the to-do lists. 

Bussines 101. What I wish I knew 25 years ago when I was starting my first business. 

Creative focus
Talk or workshops

Abundant Artist - Don't do what the starving artist does. 

Running workshops and courses 101

Biz 101 in a way creatives will actually love!

Interactive sessions

Sunrise Activations
Incorporate movement, meditation, visualisation and journaling to attune yourself to the best version of you and a day where you truly thrive.

Ideally done outside at sunrise, but can also be done at the start of the conference day. It can be a 20 minute or up to 60-minute sessions. 


My mission is to help Creatives (artists, designers, writers, entrepreneurs etc) to truly thrive, 
and in doing so impact their families and the world.


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Artwork: Lotus Dreaming by Wendy Jasper.

Wendy Jasper's art